67 minutes to change a life for Mandela Day

It’s Mandela Day and we are bringing you a way to not only help for 67 minutes, but to turn those 67 minutes into a job for someone who is unemployed, and in turn allow that person to feed their family for a month! Yes your 67 minutes can do all of that!!!

On Sunday 16 July 2017, we will be collecting donations of second hand clothing, shoes, toys, household items, and furniture, which will all be turned into jobs (income opportunities) for unemployed people! We will then spend 67 minutes sorting through the donations into sellable mens, womens, and children’s piles.

So far we have created 16 jobs through this project and our aim is to get to 100!!! Please join us and bring your donations and make this dream a reality. A reality Madiba would be proud of!

****Things to bring****

1. Second-hand clothing, shoes, toys, household items, and/or furniture.
2. R20 donation (this will go towards the operational costs of creating a job. Each job costs us R100 per month, so greater donations are hugely appreciated!)

For more info on the project visit:

Link to Facebook Event